VIRTUO Asset Management

VIRTUO Asset Management is a real estate asset management company dedicated to raising funds and managing real estate assets on behalf of third parties in the logistics sector.


Investment & management

Leveraging the skills, experience and innovative spirit of the VIRTUO Group, we offer savvy investors a platform dedicated to logistics investment and property management.

From sourcing deals, defining business plans, monitoring work to arranging financing, reporting and selling assets VIRTUO Asset Management acts as a reliable intermediary for its customers throughout the process: from ownership to operation of their real estate investment.


Nimbleness & customization

VIRTUO Asset Management customizes investment approaches to suit the type of property involved, ranging from new development projects to existing leased assets.  This personalized investment strategy aims to align the expected returns for its investors with the risks associated with each transaction (IRR, multiple, etc.).

Assets under management include projects developed by VIRTUO Industrial Property and properties acquired on the market, all carefully appraised and approved by our teams to ensure sound, appropriate investment decisions.


Comprehensive support to manage industrial & logistics assets

The VIRTUO Asset Management team offers a wide range of services to its clients (i.e. institutional investors, private individuals, insurance companies, fund managers, etc.), either directly or indirectly. We provide comprehensive asset management services for industrial and logistics assets, including the following:

  • Identification of existing or new real estate assets and assessment of potential;
  • Detailed business plans for each investment project;
  • Financing;
  • Property acquisitions (permits and administrative procedures – ICPE);
  • Building construction supervision (through VIRTUO Industrial Property);
  • Fully transparent marketing, management and operation of assets;
  • Management of annual financial distributions and payment of profits on completion of the investment.

Transparency, fairness, loyalty & trust

VIRTUO Asset Management is at the forefront of property management. Our customers can count on us to deliver value-added services underpinned by four guiding principles: transparency, fairness, loyalty and trust.

Our difference lies in our ability to find and build high-quality logistics assets. Our proven track record allows us to oversee and manage each phase of investment operations in the logistics real estate sector.

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