VIRTUO Industrial Property

VIRTUO Industrial Property is a leading specialist in innovative and sustainable logistics real estate. With a multi-disciplinary team of around 30 employees, VIRTUO endeavors to turn logistics real estate into a sustainable line of work, embedded in the ecosystems in which its buildings are located.


A new approach to logistics

VIRTUO INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY is a mission-driven, independent and socially responsible French company dedicated to assisting its customers in the design, implementation and management of sustainable logistics platforms, using cutting-edge, forward-looking solutions that promote logistics choices designed to minimize environmental impact and boost the local economy.


Expertise across the value chain

VIRTUO pools a wealth of knowledge and expertise honed by real estate passionates. These skillsets and values serve our customers through a range of services:

  • Development of logistics platforms (design and construction)
  • Operation of logistics platforms (asset management)
  • Logistics real estate consulting (AMO)

Discipline, innovation & agility

We want our customers and partners to choose us for the difference we make every day:

  • Ambitious, high-performance projects
  • Commitment to sustainable development
  • Long-term building operation
  • Dedicated, fast-reacting team

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