"We are the result of a changing world."
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First act of disclosure by evidence

We are the result of a changing world.
But for our children, it was time to become the parents of a company we have chosen. A company that has decided to question its place and its aim. A company we want to see growing, but not at any cost.

Continuing to be “good” people means we must be sincere. To our customers, partners, users, employees. To ourselves.

Logistical real estate does not inspire people anymore. And when it does settle, it is too often by constraint. But our brilliant and enthusiastic employees deserve to do the job we all love. The satisfaction of our customers to see their activity change in scale in our warehouses, the enthusiasm of our partners to develop a local and territorial economy, the new modes of consumption, justify that we continue to exist.

In 2023, we made a choice. We decided to create a new logistics.
Logistics that bring life as much as it preserves it, thanks to projects where economic activity and nature develop side by side.
A logistics that is expressed in real estate projects tending towards zero carbon.
A logistics that deploys on strictly chosen land so that its impact is minimized to the maximum.
In short, a contributory logistics for the territories’ economic development, which limits its damage to its environment and which is consistent with the state of society.

But becoming a sustainable business is not simple; and we are aware of the path ahead. All these things that will have to change in our habits and our working methods to achieve our ambitions.
We will not becoming the absolut developper tomorrow, but we want to be chosen by our stakeholders for the positive impact we bring in their daily lives

Because we consciously revitalize spaces conducive to the emergence of a chosen logistics, we decided to move from pure player to truth player of logistics real estate.
And we are committed, through a new corporate strategy, to be compatible by 2030, with the National Low Carbon Strategy.


Virtuo, logistically sincere.