We were born into a world that imposed itself on us. For the sake of our offspring, the time had come for us to become the parents of a company of our own choosing. A company willing to question its place and role in our society. Because we wish to see this company prosper, we must do our part.

Sincerity is key to remaining good people. We have to be sincere and honest with our customers, partners and users, and with ourselves.

Logistics no longer sparks wonder and excitement. When it does, it is all too often under duress. Nonetheless, our bright and keen employees deserve to pursue the career we all love, with peace of mind. The satisfaction our customers feel when they see their business being transformed in our warehouses, the eagerness our partners show towards boosting local and regional businesses, new consumer trends… This is what keeps us going.

In 2023, we made a fundamental choice. The choice to develop innovative logistics. Logistics that bring life as much as they protect it, with projects where business and nature thrive, side by side, and real estate projects focused on carbon-free development.

Logistics deployed on carefully selected sites to minimize their impact.

Logistics that contribute to local economic development, limit environmental impact and align with the state of society.

Achieving sustainability, however, is not easy. We know the path that will lead us to our goals: from old habits to new working methods, we won’t be ready tomorrow, but we want to be chosen by our partners today, for the strength of our commitments and the added value we bring them every day.

Because we consciously revitalize areas conducive to the emergence of chosen logistics, we have decided to move from pure player to truth player in the logistics real estate market.

Our new corporate strategy sets out our commitment to be compatible with the French National Low Carbon Strategy by 2030.

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