To carbon neutrality

When it comes to environmental and economic performance, VIRTUO believes in combining both. On July 28, 2021, VIRTUO signed a charter of reciprocal commitments between the French government and the members of the Afilog association, which gathers key logistics real estate players.

30 commitments to the environment

  • Promoting environmentally-friendly solutions in the design, construction and operation of buildings;
  • Using impact monitoring tools developed by the French government;
  • Defining and using a reference system for calculating and assessing greenhouse gas emissions from buildings;
  • Systematic certification of buildings to current standards (HQE, BREEAM, LEED);
  • Projects to be located on brownfield sites rather than on undeveloped land, or as extensions of the existing urban fabric;
  • Photovoltaic panels covering 50% of the usable roof area of buildings;
  • Infiltration of 100% of rainwater as close as possible to its source, subject to local conditions;
  • Recommendations to maximize biodiversity potential according to an independent ecological study carried out for all warehouse projects over 20,000 m² on the ground;
  • Preservation and protection of existing greenery, planting hedges with trees and shrubs of pollinator-friendly species along a length at least equivalent to 50% of the property line;
  • Promotion of ecological management of green spaces, with recommendations and obligations included in building leases.
Panneaux photovoltaïques
By signing this charter, VIRTUO is stepping up its efforts to support the ecological transition, aiming to exceed the targets set out in the Paris agreements and achieve carbon neutrality for all new logistics real estate projects by 2040.
The VIRTUO team

Sustainable Partner Ecosystem

To fulfill this ambition, VIRTUO needs its key partners. Employees are working together within the company to create the V. Lab, an innovative lab dedicated to sustainable development.

This experimental facility aims to break new ground in key areas: bio-sourced materials, geothermal energy, renewable energy storage, auditing of all previous projects, carbon footprint estimates for all buildings, etc. The V. Lab provides insight into the considerable distance that remains before we can achieve carbon neutrality.

 VIRTUO benefits from its longstanding collaboration with architecture firm Aeco, and real estate consultancy firm Elan, experts in environmental and low-carbon issues. Elan supports VIRTUO in the definition and implementation of its environmental strategy, including energy, carbon, biodiversity, BREEAM certification and Biodivercity certification.

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