We consciously revitalize spaces conducive to the development of chosen logistics.


Environmentally friendly logistics platforms

VIRTUO supports brands and retailers in the design, implementation and management of responsible logistics platforms. To ensure we strike the right balance between environmental, economic and social issues, we routinely assess the impact of our operations on their ecosystems.

Nesting box
Panneaux photovoltaïques
Photovoltaic panels
Récupérateur d'eau de pluie
Rainwater collector

Mission Statement

We consciously revitalize spaces conducive to the emergence of chosen logistics.

  • “We” : Our performance will remain a joint effort.
  • “consciously” : Our projects factor in the full spectrum of positive and negative impacts on the ecosystems in which they are located.
  • “revitalize” : Our projects are the means to positively impact the world we live in.
  • “spaces conduciveto” : We carefully select our land according to a strict and demanding development strategy.
  • “chosen logistics” : Logistics platforms become valuable when stakeholders see more benefits than drawbacks. We don’t want our projects to be imposed on us. We want to be the chosen ones.

Through its corporate purpose, Virtuo adds an extra layer of coherence to the three requirements of sustainability: contribute to the local economy, avoid damaging biodiversity (environment), and aim for zero-carbon design (society).

We develop turnkey solutions that promote chosen logistics. These limit environmental impact and support the local economy. Alongside our customers and partners, we foster sustainable, contributive activities.
The VIRTUO team

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