VIRTUO complies with environmental standards (LEED, BREEAM, CASBEE and HQE) and has been testing a range of techniques and solutions since its creation, with a single objective, to reduce its impact on ecosystems: photovoltaic panels, solar thermal energy, mixed production heating, low-energy lighting, optimized site positioning (exposure), alternative heat for offices, high-efficiency lighting, etc.

Field actions

Our actions range from rainwater harvesting tanks and LED lighting to solar water heaters, condensing boilers and eco-responsible systems such as vegetable gardens, orchards, apiaries…


VIRTUO’s main commitment is to adhere to worldwide green building certifications and achieve energy savings of 25-65%.

All these actions testify to the company’s commitment to monitoring and measuring progress and targets, using indicators that are part of our continuous improvement approach.

VIRTUO follows this process not only in the construction of its buildings, but also in its management and operations.

Insect hotel
Plantation fruitière
Fruit planting
Chaudière solaire
Solar boiler

Tangible results

Alongside equipments and innovations to reduce environmental impact, VIRTUO boasts two emblematic net zero-carbon achievements:

  • The Compans V.Park near Charles-de-Gaulle airport, a 15,000 m² parcel sorting and distribution building that won the SIMI Immobilier Logistique Grand Prix in 2022, on track for BREEAM Excellent certification and the Biodivercity label.
  • Park de Chevrolière in Loire-Atlantique, a 31,938 m² logistics platform located on the Tournebride business park in La Chevrolière, Loire-Atlantique
    • A glued-laminated wood structure
    • 100% photovoltaic roof
    • Nesting boxes, beehives, insect hotel and orchard
    • Full Led lighting
    • Installation of a Building Management System (BMS)

These two projects and subsequent ones have inspired our teams to examine, ponder and develop a new, more responsible vision of logistics real estate, underpinned by VIRTUO’s commitments.


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