The company

VIRTUO INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY is an independent, responsible French company specializing in logistics real estate. VIRTUO supports its customers in the design, implementation and management of sustainable logistics platforms using a highly innovative and virtuous approach that promotes selected logistics to limit environmental impact and support the local economy.


Innovative and responsible

We are committed to an innovative and responsible approach to logistics real estate. By transforming brownfield sites into ecosystems, we have the opportunity to bring new life to them: biodiversity, economic activity, human presence.

We see projects as opportunities to make a positive impact on the world. Developing logistics ecosystems carries long-term implications. Projects need to be adapted to the future so as to create favorable living and development conditions for future generations.

We consider the positive and negative impacts of our projects on the sites in which they are built. They fulfill three key sustainability requirements: they contribute to the local economy, they do not damage biodiversity (environment) and they aim for zero-carbon design (society).

Logistics platforms become valuable when stakeholders see more benefits than drawbacks. We don’t want our projects to be taken for granted. We want stakeholders to choose us for the difference we make and the value we deliver.

employees in 3 offices nationwide
buildings delivered or under construction representing a total of 1.3 million m²
projects in development
trees planted (via Reforest'Action)
tons of CO2 sequestered
beehives installed

Lyon office
Espace Wojo Lyon-Part Dieu
Bâtiment Silex
15 rue des Cuirassiers 69003 LYON

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