Bee, Sentinel of the Environment®

Virtuo and UNAF join forces to reconcile logistics and beekeeping

In 2017, Virtuo Industrial Property became a partner of UNAF’s “Bee, Sentinel of the Environment®” program.
This logistics platform development and management company supports, promotes and acts at its own level to protect bees and biodiversity.

Ever since its inception, Virtuo’s management team has been looking for ways to promote sustainable development. Soon thereafter, the issue of bees and the installation of beehives on our logistics buildings emerged as a major concern for us”, recalls Clément Piednoir, himself an amateur beekeeper, in charge of the ICPE environment project for the Virtuo group.

He contacted UNAF and Virtuo quickly joined the “Bee, Sentinel of the Environment®” program with the ambition to fight against the massive disappearance of bees and pollinating insects in France, safeguard plant biodiversity and preserve the link with the world of beekeeping.

Three beehives have been installed on a 10,200 m2 logistics platform in the North region of France. A revitalized former industrial wasteland, the site is also certified BREEAM Good (a standard assessing the environmental performance of buildings).

With the help of UNAF and committed beekeepers, Virtuo harvests honey from its apiaries throughout the year.
“This partnership is very important to us. If Virtuo chose to get involved in the defense of bees and beekeeping, it’s because we believe these actions are beneficial on our logistics sites, and because we’re concerned about environmental preservation: the greater the number of initiatives (e.g. installation of beehives), the greater the awareness”, stresses Grégory Blouin, the company’s president.


The partnership between the two organizations intensifies in 2023. Over the next twelve months, the aim is to install six new three-hive apiaries. Whether in Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, Courcelles-les-Lens, Châteaudun, Arles, Senas or La Chevrolière, Virtuo plans to set up beehives across the country!

“Setting up these apiaries allows us to raise awareness amongst employees, but also schoolchildren, as we intend to include elementary school classes in our approach,” adds Grégory Blouin. Painting, visits, honey extraction and harvesting, bee protection awareness… these are just some of the initiatives we’ve put in place, supported by educational materials and UNAF teams.

Virtuo also takes part in the annual APIdays® in June, to share this fascinating world with as many people as possible, and raise awareness of the importance of pollinators.

Alongside its partnership with UNAF, Virtuo has also set itself ambitious sustainability targets on a greater front. The most recent project to date, in Compans, Seine-et-Marne, has been certified BREEAM Excellent, and is aiming for the Biodivercity label as well as carbon neutrality.

Grégory Blouin
Chairman, Virtuo Industrial Property

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