First foundation stone laid for the Institut en Innovation Logistique – I²L

On June 28, the first foundation stone was laid in Metz for a logistics building like no other…

Supported by Virtuo Asset Management amongst others, the Institut en Innovation Logistique – I²L is in the process of being created.

Introducing this new training program designed and developed by Nidhal REZG, University Professor at the Université de Lorraine.


Logistics plays a key role in corporate strategy. With this in mind and the growing need to train expert engineers in the field, Nidhal REZG, University Professor at the University of Lorraine, along with 16 companies including Virtuo Asset Management, FM Logistic and Amazon, decided to create the Association pour l’Institut en Innovation Logistique – I²L.


Address major challenges in logistics. These include ecological and energy transition, digital transition, development of new forms of mobility, and management of major crises.


In Metz, we are training future engineers specialized in logistics 5.0, able to handle issues linked to supply chain design, transport fleet sizing, reverse logistics and urban logistics, particularly for the last mile. ” Existing training programs focus on developing supply chain management skills, which are often seen in a managerial light. At I²L we aim to blend science and management to address complex logistics issues”, explains Nidhal REZG.


Designed by LGIPM research professors at the Metz site, training programs will be based on the “research-development-innovation-training” continuum, and should equip students with the skills to tackle the profound and rapid changes encountered by companies and society with agility.

The training provided by I²L will encompass the operational, tactical and strategic aspects of logistics.

I²L will offer a 5-year curriculum with classes of 50 students, plus double-degree students and 15 to 20 apprentices. The Institute for Logistics Innovation – I²L aims to train 5 expert profiles:

  • Logistician Manager
  • Logistician Designer
  • The Expert Logistician – Big Data Analyst
  • The Urban Logistics Expert
  • Reverse Logistics Expert

Virtuo Asset Management is particularly proud to be one of the founding members of this training program and institute, the new offices of which will be delivered in a year!

Many thanks to all the founding members of the Association!

Head office
2-22 place des vins de France
Hall C – Bât.N°8 – 7e étage
75012 PARIS
+33 (0)1 40 21 19 60

Lyon office
Espace Wojo Lyon-Part Dieu
Bâtiment Silex
15 rue des Cuirassiers 69003 LYON

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