Mission statement

Our purpose at Virtuo is summed up as follows: “To consciously revitalize spaces that are conducive to the emergence of chosen logistics”.

Beyond the scope of our company, we’re a group of people willing to support and encourage change. Collectively, we want to transform spaces and bring new life to them: biodiversity, economic activity, human presence.

We want to do all this “consciously”

  • by contributing to the local economy,
  • by preserving and improving biodiversity (environment),
  • by aiming for zero-carbon design (society).

Most importantly, with sincerity, by taking into consideration the potentially negative impacts of our business in the short (soil artificialisation) and long term (pollution linked to logistics operations), and by developing a stringent and rigorous land strategy.

We want to be chosen for the difference we make to the lives of our stakeholders.

Our performance will forever be a joint effort.

Head office
2-22 place des vins de France
Hall C – Bât.N°8 – 7e étage
75012 PARIS
+33 (0)1 40 21 19 60

Lyon office
Espace Wojo Lyon-Part Dieu
Bâtiment Silex
15 rue des Cuirassiers 69003 LYON

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