The first VIRTUO jars of the 2018 honey crop have arrived.

Many thanks to the UNAF (National Union of French Apiculture) and to our “BEES, SENTINEL OF THE ENVIRONMENT » (« ABEILLES, SENTINELLE DE L’ENVIRONNEMENT ») for this success. A valuable partnership that deserves to be commended for its active role in protecting pollinators, which are essential to safeguarding our crops and biodiversity.

VIRTUO decided to get involved in the defense of bees and beekeeping because we believe these actions are meaningful and useful on our logistic sites, and because we are concerned about the environment : the more initiatives we’ll take, the more people we’ll reach (e.g. the installation of apiaries).

In a nutshell:


Special thanks to XPO LOGISTICS (user of the building) and BARINGS (our investor) for supporting us in this action with UNAF.

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2-22 place des vins de France
Hall C – Bât.N°8 – 7e étage
75012 PARIS
+33 (0)1 40 21 19 60

Lyon office
Espace Wojo Lyon-Part Dieu
Bâtiment Silex
15 rue des Cuirassiers 69003 LYON

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